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A Series Of Unfortunate Events Fanfictions' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Series Of Unfortunate Events Fanfictions

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Introducing the yalit100! [14 Dec 2011|12:01am]


yalit100 yalit100 yalit100 yalit100 yalit100

Love YA lit? Love writing fic?  Love writing fic for YA lit and wondering why there doesn’t seem to be very much for most books?

Join the YAlit100 challenge!

  • You MAY claim more than one table at a time.
  • You MAY do crossovers, fusions, and AU fic! If you intend to write crossovers and/or fusions, claim the table for the MAIN WORK (so, for example, if you want to write 100 godly-parent-fusion fics, your claim would be “Percy Jackson,” unless all 100 fics would star characters from Anna and the French Kiss or something. SOME ASPECT of all 100 fics must be constant for the book/table you choose!)
  • Fics can be ANY LENGTH. You may write 3-sentence fics, drabbles, one-shots, six-word-ficfests, whatever. The whole point is just to encourage more YA lit fic! :)

So far, there are just the first few tables up, but I will be adding my usual amount of ALL THE YA BOOKS.  :P  Join and/or Watch the
comm on LJ for updates, and make sure to suggest any book(s) that you may think I’ll miss or that you want to see sooner!

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YA Lit Fans Friending Meme [04 Mar 2011|11:45pm]

YA Lit Fans' Friending Meme

(everyone welcome!)
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[17 Dec 2008|01:48pm]

Author: Gildedmuse/Stephanie
Title: A Letter To L From J
Characters: L, B, J (although not, as one would think, the president LBJ)
Rating: PG
Summary: As part of my 12 Days challenge, one of my 11 Painful Partings. It also turned out to be one of my favorites.

(Letter To L from J)
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[25 Oct 2008|10:02pm]

Dear Ficreaders and Ficwriters,

I've been working on my Final Project at the university, which happens to be about Fanfiction (as a Reader's Response to Literature), and one of the steps I decided to go through is collecting statements from both Readers and Writers of Fanfiction. :3

So I'd be really thankful if some of you could take the time to answer this post. I have some guiding questions for you, though you don't have to answer them separately. I'd also like you to leave your e-mail when you post; though you can send me a message with it if you don't want it to become public.


For Ficreaders (who have NEVER written Fanfiction)
- How did you start reading Fanfiction?
- What do you think about book authors who are against Fanfiction?
- Have you ever thought about writing Fanfiction?

For Ficwriters
- How did you become a Ficwriter?
- What do you think about book authors who are against Fanfiction, and how do you deal with it?
- What and how is your relationship with the people who read your Fics?


In case you have any doubts, just ask. My e-mail is mowowow@gmail.com and I'm also available at MSN (hyde_mo@hotmail.com).

Thank you all in advance.

(And sorry if you see this crossposted everywhere.)
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Fic : Détente [21 Apr 2007|06:39pm]

Title: Détente
Summary: Amenities are unnecessary things.
Rating: PG-13
Coupling: Count Olaf x Violet  

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Beaudecest Fic [18 Mar 2007|10:07pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Title: Hearts Open
Rating: PG for incest
Status: WIP
Genre: Romance,
Pairings: Klaus/Violet
Summary: Feelings are revealed.
A/N: Im not too pleased with it but live and learn...then get Luvs(sorry I had to finish)
           Disclaimer I own nada

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Fic : Minium [17 Mar 2007|04:13am]

Title: Minium
Summary: And they keep tumbling down together.
Rating: For Everyone
Coupling (If Any): Klaus/Violet (Baudacest)
Extra Info: Goes a little bit into the end of book 13

Violet just liked red.
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ASOUE fanfiction 03 - "Think Twice" [03 Aug 2005|08:02pm]

This was written in a massive boredom fit during a power outage during a quite violent thunderstorm. This is different than anything I've ever written and I found it incredibly difficult to write because I love Klaus dearly.

While writing, I listened to "Think Twice" by Eve 6, and the lyrics come from that song as well.

Fandom: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Title: Think Twice
Rating: PG-13 [I think]
Category: Angst, I believe.
Word count: One-shot, 574
Pairing: Violet/Klaus, and slight Violet/Duncan
Summary: Klaus is madly and posessively in love with Violet. What happens when he walks into Violet and Duncan kissing?
Additional notes: The Baudelaire parents aren't dead. And this fic features insane!Klaus. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Think TwiceCollapse )

I'm a feedback whore, so please comment with opinions and suggestions.

Cross posted at.
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[07 Apr 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | content ]

Fresh, new writers (or even old favorites) to come to fictionlibrium to share their writings with the world. See Amethyst if you would like to become a moderator.
My Chemical Romance, the Used, Simple Plan, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Cheaper by the Dozen fiction writers a plus!

With sign up you get this loverly banner, as well!Collapse )

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FIC: Unfinished, L/B [10 Mar 2005|11:51pm]

Title: Unfinished
Summary: A Lemony and Beatrice story. Unfortunately, this story is finished.
Rating: PG
Coupling: L/B
Extra Info: Birthday fic for coricurbob! Hope you and everyone else enjoy it.

Woe This Way
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Fic: Manipulations [06 Mar 2005|09:17am]

Title: Manipulations
Author: emcharlotte
Pairing: More gen than anything else, really, but mild Esme/Jerome.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Set in the good old days of VFD and centering around Esme's marriage to Jerome. Esme knows what she wants and is willing to go after it with a will.
Warning: In-ness. Esme's despicable manipulations. Nothing much.
Disclaimer: None of this is mine.
A/N: This is a birthday present to coricurbob. Enjoy! Un-beta'd, though it's been through the spell-checker. Praise appreciated, but concrit is loved even more!

A ray of light pierced the Venetian blinds, angling its way across the room maliciously.

[06 Mar 2005|02:30pm]

  • Fandom - A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Title - Summer before Sunny
  • Author - Jessica a.k.a earthlyillusion
  • Rating - PG-13
  • Disclaimer - The Baudelaire children don't belong to me, they belong to Lemony Snicket a.k.a Daniel Handler. I'm just messing around with them.
  • Catagory/Pairing/Warning - Violet/OC, hints of Baudecest (unintentional, since I don't like the pairing)
  • Summary - As Summer, and Sunny's birthday, rolls around for the three unfortunate Baudelaire orphans, Violet and Klaus remember their summers before Sunny was born.
  • Notes - It takes place after The Vile Village and I've made up a lot of the information in it.
  • Summer before Sunny

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    Fic(let): Waking in Green Rooms [19 Feb 2005|06:42pm]

    Title: Waking in green rooms
    Author: emcharlotte
    Rating: PG.
    Pairing: Guess. It's deliberately vague, but you shouldn't have that hard of a time.
    Summary: He wakes up to find an angel at his feet.
    Warning: None. No spoilers.
    Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, and I lay no claim to them or the original fiction that inspired this piece.
    A/N: This is a short, lovely piece of fluff, little more than a drabble. 400 words, and it's in a style I've just started experimenting with. It's deliberately vague. Enjoy! Feedback is loved, by the way. ;)

    Waking in Green Rooms.
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    [18 Feb 2005|09:10pm]

    [ mood | chipper ]

    When I heard this site was canceling I decided to write a nice ending for it. Read and enjoy please.



    Rating: G


    Warning: it is indeed what I think is to be the end of the series…


    Watch as the children finally grow up and end the most unfortunate chapter in their lives.








    Read more...Collapse )

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    mod post...of sorts? i think? [17 Feb 2005|05:55pm]

    [ mood | pessimistic ]

    As most of you know, mysteriouscreep has created asouefanfiction and plans to delete this one. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't want to see this community deleted. There are so many amazing pieces of writing here and it'd be a shame to do this. I don't know exactly what he wants to do because he never answered my comment, but if he doesn't want mod access on his new LJ here so asoue_fanfics can stay open, I will enlist the help of a new mod and keep this place open. Then there'd be two places: asouefanfiction and asoue_fanfics.

    But, of course, all good things end in polls. Which we have here.

    Poll #439560 asoue_fanfics

    What do you want to happen to this community?

    Delete it and move it to asouefanfiction
    Keep it and use both communities
    Keep it, but just as an archive
    Other (please state so in a comment)

    If, ultimately, this place does stay open and is run by a new staff (most likely consisting of people that are not me since I have a lot of other places to run), it will be majorly revamped...at least, before I leave, haha. IE, everything stored in memories, new userinfo, layout, rules, etc.
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    Sorry for doing this but... [15 Feb 2005|10:40am]
    [ mood | bouncy ]

    asoue_fanfics is getting deleted. The newer version - asouefanfiction - is joinable but my new account - mysteriouscreep just can't handle the community from o_d_h's account.

    30 days till deletion.

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    [06 Feb 2005|05:19pm]

    [ mood | blah ]

    a poem to express the relationship between the two eldest baudelaires

    Read more...Collapse )

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    Fic: Nostalgia, by mochajoy13 (mild Baudecest) [22 Jan 2005|07:09pm]

    [ mood | accomplished ]

    Title: Nostalgia
    Author: mochajoy13, aka Emily Charlotte
    Rating: PG. There are hints, but nothing graphic or explicit. Suitable for all ages.
    Pairing: Extremely mild Violet/Klaus, or Baudecest if you prefer. The movie had so many moments that suggested this pairing, and after reading an essay by snidgety on ship_manifesto, I had to give it a whirl. Again, nothing graphic or explicit, simply some guarded hints. Even if the pairing squicks you, this fic shouldn't be a problem.
    Summary: Klaus can't sleep and finds his old diary, in which several memories are preserved that he would rather forget. Much is aluded to, much is not mentioned, and much angst is within.
    Warning: None.
    Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, and I lay no claim to them or the original fiction that inspired this piece.
    A/N: No spoilers, unless you haven't read the first book, seen the first movie, or read the inside jacket cover of one of the books. If you haven't done any of the above, though, why are you here? This takes place during The Bad Beginning, while the orphans are living with Olaf. It was written in under two hours, is just over 2800 words, and is unbeta'd/edited. It's been through my spell-checker, so there are no typos, but I can't say much for the overall coherency of the thing. Anyway, enjoy, and I live for feedback. Even if you hated it, please tell me so, and why. Thanks!

    There are several possible ways to read one of your old diaries...

    Angels And Girlfriends - Five For Fighting

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    From Myself [13 Jan 2005|10:03pm]

    Hello ladies and gents. This is one of the first fics I've actually posted on LiveJournal. Yep.

    Title: From Myself
    Summary: In which Violet is angsting because she fell in love with the right person first. Visadora, Viona, Quiglet(? Quiglet sounds way weird).
    Rating: PG
    Coupling: Visadora, Viona, Quiglet (? Quiglet sounds off)
    Extra info: Lyrics by Funeral For A Friend, so I didn't write those. Also I suck at titles and probably writing in general. Also I'm probably going to post this somewhere else, and I apologize if you are subjected to this more than once. :P Also, WARNING FOR FEMMESLASH.

    Distance makes my heart grow colderCollapse )
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    [10 Jan 2005|04:03am]


    I saw that another member had posted some fan art, so I thought I would too. If you don't allow it..sorry. I just wanted to share this with the people who would enjoy it.


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