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From Myself

Hello ladies and gents. This is one of the first fics I've actually posted on LiveJournal. Yep.

Title: From Myself
Summary: In which Violet is angsting because she fell in love with the right person first. Visadora, Viona, Quiglet(? Quiglet sounds way weird).
Rating: PG
Coupling: Visadora, Viona, Quiglet (? Quiglet sounds off)
Extra info: Lyrics by Funeral For A Friend, so I didn't write those. Also I suck at titles and probably writing in general. Also I'm probably going to post this somewhere else, and I apologize if you are subjected to this more than once. :P Also, WARNING FOR FEMMESLASH.

Nobody knew of the times Violet and Isadora would steal away at night. Violet abandoned the use of her noisy shoes, her toes getting bitten in the process, and Isadora risked suspension from Prufrock Prep in order to do so. Both of them knew it was worth it, whispering and laughing quietly in the night.

And paper cuts and bloody hands
In the middle they would meet

And there was something else, because Isadora would risk getting kidnapped for Violet, and Violet would risk getting left behind for Isadora. It was unfortunate that these circumstances would be tested in the future, and there was dispair in Violet’s eyes when she looked up into the sky and watched the aircraft drift further and further away.

Distance makes my heart grow colder
Distance makes my heart grow older
Just enough to cut the air from your lungs

The village was miserable, the penthouse was miserable, the carnival was miserable, and Violet had almost given up hope that anything in the future would be any less miserable.

There was Quigley, who was almost Isadora, but he wasn’t. And he complimented her inventions and made her heart flutter. But there wasn’t anything else, because Quigley was secretive and isolated, and he didn’t care what Violet felt.

Denial in the arms of our saviours
And my heart is torn to pieces
Just enough to cut the air from your lungs

But she kept her eyes on the sky, not really as an optimist, but as someone who was waiting for something to land.

Something did land, and it wasn’t Isadora. It was Fiona, and she seemed nice and made Violet’s heart flutter, but there wasn’t anything else, because Fiona would risk her life for her brother, not Violet, and Fiona didn’t care what Violet felt.

As the sun sets on battlefields
I hope you can save me
I hope you can save our wounded hearts

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