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Fic: Nostalgia, by mochajoy13 (mild Baudecest)

Title: Nostalgia
Author: mochajoy13, aka Emily Charlotte
Rating: PG. There are hints, but nothing graphic or explicit. Suitable for all ages.
Pairing: Extremely mild Violet/Klaus, or Baudecest if you prefer. The movie had so many moments that suggested this pairing, and after reading an essay by snidgety on ship_manifesto, I had to give it a whirl. Again, nothing graphic or explicit, simply some guarded hints. Even if the pairing squicks you, this fic shouldn't be a problem.
Summary: Klaus can't sleep and finds his old diary, in which several memories are preserved that he would rather forget. Much is aluded to, much is not mentioned, and much angst is within.
Warning: None.
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, and I lay no claim to them or the original fiction that inspired this piece.
A/N: No spoilers, unless you haven't read the first book, seen the first movie, or read the inside jacket cover of one of the books. If you haven't done any of the above, though, why are you here? This takes place during The Bad Beginning, while the orphans are living with Olaf. It was written in under two hours, is just over 2800 words, and is unbeta'd/edited. It's been through my spell-checker, so there are no typos, but I can't say much for the overall coherency of the thing. Anyway, enjoy, and I live for feedback. Even if you hated it, please tell me so, and why. Thanks!

There are several possible ways to read one of your old diaries...

Angels And Girlfriends - Five For Fighting
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