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a poem to express the relationship between the two eldest baudelaires

weep once for all those moments that felt so wrong but so right,
be amazed at how fast he pulls you toward him.
he's so small so innocent, so young,
so influenced, by you.
weep twice for all the pain youve put him through,
every once in a while you think its your fault,
be surprised at how much experience he gains,
in and out of you.
weep three times when youre locked away in a dark room with him,
you keep each other company in the loneliest of times,
you know you shouldn't do it,
but temptation's too hard to resist.
weep four times once youve slept with him,
keeping you mouth sealed,
except at night,
you only open your mouth so he can hear those words that everything will be fine,
until sleep drowns you into a nightmare.
weep five times when he kisses your neck,
and makes you feel not like his sister,
but his wife.
you're only a little girl,
with one thing on your mind,
weep six times when his tiny body is in the arms of a villain,
so by taking the villains gun,
you close the chapter.
you and him are together again,
and everything youve ever loved is gone,
let him take the pain away from you,
let him take you away.
weep seven times when he says he loves you,
and it is horribly wrong to feel this way,
be strong,
be quiet,
be his.
ending the novel with a kiss on the cheek,
his hand messaging yours,
he's old beyond his years,
but he's just your little brother.



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