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When I heard this site was canceling I decided to write a nice ending for it. Read and enjoy please.



Rating: G


Warning: it is indeed what I think is to be the end of the series…


Watch as the children finally grow up and end the most unfortunate chapter in their lives.








The figure immerged from the fog and only one image came to their mind, Mr. Poe. You see, he was the one who had immerged from the fog when the first stroke of horrible news came to them. Now they had a heavy feeling in their hearts.
   After Kit had died and left the Baudelaires stranded along with the other VFD members, they had to run. They were tired of running but found themselves at it once again.
    As the figure came closer the three siblings grabbed each others hands. They were most certainly not prepared for what was to come out of that cloud that seemed to be trailing behind them for sometime now.
   “Baudelaires, is that you?” Came a voice that the Baudelaires had forgotten, but had a certain tone that they somewhat remembered. They could make out the figure’s hat and coat that contrasted in the greyness around him. They looked at one another in confusion.

   “I-I-it’s us.” Violet stammered. A sudden hand reached out and touched Klaus’s shoulder.
 “Do not be afraid.” Klaus squinted in his glasses. Who was this person.
  “Who are you?” Klaus demanded, gaining a bit of confidence.
  “My name is Lemony Snicket.” Came the voice.
The Baudelaires never recalled there ever being a Lemony Snicket that they knew of. They still couldn’t see the figure and the suspense nearly killed them.
    Sunny, who had the most courage out of all of them crawled forward. The stranger picked her up in his arms, and Violet and Klaus heard soft sniffling. The stranger was crying.
    “Excuse me, but how do we know you?” Violet asked, trying to see through it. The beach was chilly and had an unsettling silence.
    “My dearest Violet, my little inventor. And my Klaus, the smartest boy.” His voice quivered.
Suddenly, the voice was all too familiar.
   “Daddy!” Sunny cried. The other two siblings gasped. They sprung forward to get a good look and sure enough stood the Baudelaires father. They stood in shock as Mr. Baudelaire reached out and took all three in his strong embrace.
“My children!” He sobbed, “It has been too long.”
 After a few minutes Klaus pulled away.

“Why did you say you were Lemony Snicket?” Klaus asked.
“It’s the name ive been using to conceal my identity.” He smiled at his children. Oh how they’ve grown!
 “Where’s mommy?” Sunny asked.
   Lemony looked down his face filled with grief.
“My darling Beatrice, your mother, she didn’t make it through this long series of unfortunate events.” Lemony covered his face.
  “How could you two abandon us?” Klaus demanded. Lemony shook his head.
 “I had no choice, you must trust me children, it was for your safety, there are too many secrets.”
   “What is VFD?” Klaus asked.
  “there’s time for that later. We need to go home.” Lemony looked around.
  “Where is home?” Violet asked.
  “It doesn’t matter.” Lemony Snicket said, shoving his typewriter under his arm, “Daddy is here.”

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